The Tipsy Girl

The Tipsy Girl

Dear Marcus,

This is one of the most interested and exciting website. I must say
congratulations on the wonderful work you people are doing. Publishers,
writers and readers, you people have the flavour that the people require
and desire. I have one of my happiest confession to share with you.

It all started March this year when I met this girl in Mandeville on
a Saturday. She had a sexy body any man would die for. Just the way
how she speak, smile and walk are just the right features for her appearance.
We were on the mall talking for about half hour, when she asked me,
would you mine if I treat you for something to drink? I said okayl Then
we both went to a popular sports bar in Mandeville where we settled
and have a have a few drink. It was about 8:30 pm when we started drinking
and getting to know each other. She was 23 years old, so I did not have
to worry about her reaching home late. I started to notice how she just
got tipsy and wanting to dance with me. We were there dancing and enjoying
ourselves, when she suddenly said, ‘There is my ex-boyfriend, I don’t
want him to see me!” I ask her why and she said, “He’s too
foolish and easy to get ignorant, that is the reason why we broke up.”
So she was ready to leave but I did not want to leave as yet because
the vibes got right. I could see it in her eyes she was so tipsy. She
told me that she was ready to go home. Then I asked her, “Stacey
(not her real name), are you sure you can manage to reach home?”
She said, “Yes, But I want you to come home with me because she
don’t want to sleep alone tonight.” I had to ask her what she meant
by ‘she’. So she looked at me and said, “My pussy!”

When we arrived at her place, I was just 11:45 pm. Her two cousin and
one sister were not gone to sleep as yet, so she introduced me to them,
then take me to her bedroom where she started playing some hip hop music.
She went outside the room and when she return, she had a flask of rum
cream with two glasses. We were there drinking while listening to some
music and talking about some romantically stuffs. When she call my attention
and said, “Your lips look kissable, may I taste them?” “Please!”
I just put down the glass out of my hand and move closer to her. She
look me straight in the eyes and said, Paul (not my real name), you
are the only guy that I ever looked at and feel this way!” I had
to ask her what way. Then she said, “Horny!” She started to
kiss my lips slowly, while I started to undress her slowly. After she
was naked, she stop kissing and undress my clothes. Then she laid me
on the bed and started kissing me passionately. She kissed my lips then
trail down to my neck, come right down to my chest, where she suck onto
my breast. She continued down to my navel, then she look at me and said,
“I like your dainty body, it taste damn good!” She went on
further down to my cock, where she held the penis in her hand looking
at my 8 inches weapon. She took her hand and tongue and played with
my cocky. It felt so damn good. The way how she have her tongue on mi
cocky head, in a circular motion and stroking it at the same time nearly
made mi cum tnna her mouth. So I just tell her that I want her to ride
mi like a stallion. She ease up and I tell her where’s the condom and
she get the condom, roll it on my cock and came over me. She directed
my cock in her wet, warm and juicy pussy. As I entered her juicy pussy,
she let off a moan of pleasure. She was trying to sit on the all of
my cock but she couldn’t manage, complaining how fat it was. I just
tell her to wine on the cock while coming down on it, and she won’t
feel much pain. She started at a slow pace then speeded up continually,
as she fuck me in pleasure. After about ten minutes mi only hear when
she sey, “Paul mi a cum! Bloodclaat! You cocky mek mi a cum!”
Then she collapse on top of mi. Mi just tell har sey, a my time fi work
now. She just tok time roll off a mi onto har back.

Mi go over har right away and start to kiss and caress har. When I
reach down to har breast, I had to suck on them like my whole life depended
upon it. I then kiss down to her navel and up again to her breast, where
I suck them hungrily, while my left hand was going down to her pussy
where I played with the clit, while sucking on the breast and rubbing
down her body at the same time. After about three minutes of fore-play,
I heard she shout, “Paul, mi a cum!” I only feel when she
just start to wine on my finger. She hold me and draw mi up to har,
then whisper in my ear, “I want you to fuck mi real hard, cause
I haven’t been fuck for over three months now!” She started to
kiss mi, then she stop. I put my cocky at the entrance of her juicy
pussy then squeeze in my penis inna har fat pussy. She scream out in
a mournful and pleasurable way, then mi just start fuck har hard. We
fuck in every position you can think of- doggy style, lizard lap, wheel
barrow, backshot etc. When I was about to cum we were in the back-shot
position. She said, “Paul, mi a cum!” Then she start to wine
faster, just a few seconds before I came like a burst pipe. We both
climax at the time, then we fell down on the bed and was there kissing
each other until we both fell asleep. When wi got up in the morning,
we had sex again and then we both went to the shower and then I left
for home.

That night was one of the most exciting time of my life. I didn’t knew
a pretty girl like that, a man like me would meet in the same night,
fuck her anti having her sucking off my cock. I was feeling so happy
when she got tipsy and wanting me to come home with her, because I knew
she would get fuck. From that night until today we fuck every chance
we get. Sometimes as she leave work, she would call me. Asking me where
am I, because she want to fuck me. Keep on keeping up the good works.
So take care until next time when I will tell you another story about
this girl I met in Ocho Rios. You stay cool now.

Mandeville, Manchester

So now you are the “Drunken Master”? MG

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