Think I’m falling for my best friend

Think I’m falling for my best friend

Dear Pastor,

I am in a relationship but I am in love with someone else. To be exact, this person I am having the problem with is my best friend. I did not give him a chance in my life so I dated other guys instead and I told myself that I would be with him after such things happened. But it went the other way and now I am stuck. My boyfriend and my best friend became good friends as well. I want to leave my current relationship but at the same time I am not sure that I should break up with my boyfriend for my best friend. I am all messed up. Please reply and give me your honest opinion.


Dear Anonymous,

You seem to be saying that you have a man in your life but at the same time, there was another man you consider to be your best friend who has been asking to have an intimate relationship with you. He has tried many times and you have resisted him but you finally gave up. This man and your boyfriend are good friends and you are aware of that, and I am sure that these guys know about the relationship you have with each of them. This so-called best friend of yours wants to destroy the relationship you are having with your boyfriend, so that is why he has been trying to push himself on you. It seems to me that if you allow yourself to be used by this so-called best friend, one of these days the two guys may fight over you. Please stop playing around with these men. Stick with your boyfriend and learn to say no to this so-called best friend.


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