Treat Your Dearest Special

Treat Your Dearest Special

Dear Confession,

Highest respect to your website and all your hot stories. I’ve read
all your articles and think it’s about time I tell about my hot dripping,
pussy licking, cock sucking and oral fucking stories. And since I can
receive some money which can pay my rent, hell, why not? It’s honest
money. I love your articles. Anyway Confessions I’m gonna give you and
all your readers my most recent encounter.

I met this guy last year September and instantly fell in love with him
although he didn’t realize it then. We hit it off pretty good. My first
look at him and all I wanted to do was suck the sweet nectar from his
cock. We became lovers and our life is fun. Every chance we get we fuck
each other crazy. I suck his sweet little cock every day and he loved
every second of it. Now Con-fessions, I’m a lesbian or to put it mildly
I fool around with women and I love to get my pussy suck, lick or kiss.
I’ve beseeched to him day and night to eat me, but his remarks were,
“mi a bad man, nuh gal nah sit inna my face like chair.” That
didn’t stop me from giving him pussy left, right, and centre. It was
February of this year when I moved into this lovely little apartment
that everything changed. We were there one Friday evening making sweet
fuck when we started talking about our fantasies. He asked me what I
fantasize about most and I told him the day when he eats out of the
folds of my flaming pussy. To my surprise he didn’t pass his usual remarks
and that kind of push my hopes up a notch. Anyway, I asked him his and
he calmly told me that he fantasize about me and one of my girls getting
down on each other, sucking each other in the 69 position. I didn’t
say anything; we made love and he went home. I then pick up the phone
and called my favourite girl. Confessions, this girl had a C-L-l-T-O-R-l-S
to die for. Anyway I ask her why don’t she come and see me in the morrows
and she ask what time and I told her. Deeds done, I went to bed but
I couldn’t help thinking about the look on my boyfriend’s face when
he realize what I am up to.

In the morning I called my boyfriend, telling him I want him to pick
me up at a certain hour because I need to go and see my girlfriend.
He was there at the hour. I told him what I was up to and was he happy,
you should see the look on his face. He said this calls for a celebration
and went and picked up two bottles of champagne. We went and got my
bitch and oh my God she was looking hot. I told her then what my boyfriend
wanted and she said, “No problem, anything for you D.” We
went home and me and her went into the shower. As we jumped in we began
kissing each other with hot fiery kisses since we haven’t seen each
other nearly four weeks. Mr. Editor, she is one heck of a gal. She has
got a pair of big juicy tits that makes me wanna milk them just thinking
about her. We kissed and rubbed soap all over each other and finger
fucking each other while water drip from our hot bodies; going fast,
going slow while my boyfriend wait on us with anticipation. We decided
to come out of the shower and torment him for a while, show him how
bad gal nyam pussy.

As we came out of the shower and entered the bedroom he pops open a
bottle of Veure Cliquet Pansardin and pour us both a glass. We toast
our fuck and then jump into bed. We kiss each other deeply, tongue bathing,
sucking one breast and then its twin, finger fucking and looking at
each other with hot desire. We wet each other with champagne. The feeling
was so heady I had to go down on her. I started sucking her pussy, she
had a clitoris the size of my little finger and I love sucking it. Whenever
I drew back the skin of the clit a little it reveals the head of a tiny
dick. I suck that pussy hoping it would spurt sperms on my tongue and
down my throat, but it did not, so I just suck her in and out until
she begs me to let her do me. Oh boy, was I glad when she begged. My
boyfriend sat there amazed, drinking his champagne like water. She then
began to suck my pussy to the very core, not holding back anything.
My man just couldn’t take it any longer; he began kissing me and sucking
my breast. Marcus, you will never know how it felt. Just writing and
remember-ing is making the juice drip from my pussy right now.

They both gave me the time of my life. She had her eyes, her nose, her
tongue, her lips, her whole darn face in my pussy while my boyfriend
stimulate my upper body. We then did the 69 position for my lover. He
asked me if he can fuck her and she said yea. She gave him the wheel
barrow style while I sit in front of her lips. He was pumping deep and
hard in her hot, wet, juicy cunt while she sucked me clean. We all cum,
and it felt tremendous. Little did I know that better was yet to come.
My darling bitch had to go, so we took her home. Me and my baby got
back and he confess to me that that was the first time he has ever seen
anyone eat anyone for real. He has seen it on movies but boy this was
something else. I asked him if I’ve fulfilled his fantasy and he said
sure babeee. We began to fondle and kiss each other. I lay on my side
with my feet to his head and start sucking his cock hoping and praying.
He began to kiss my feet and suck my toes. I gently climb on top of
him, flicking my tongue on his dick while placing my pussy softly in
his face. To be honest, I thought he would shove me away but instead
I felt him licking at the crack between my pussy and my ass. Hardcore,
imagine how I felt knowing that bad man nuh nyam pussy. I feel like
I wanna die and go to heaven. He then lay me on my back and start sucking
the sweet nectar from my hot, wet, soaking, dripping cunt as if his
life depends on it. We then fuck each other with wild abandon and collapsed
in a heap as we cum. Then he went home.

I was afloat all night long. I couldn’t believe he really ate my pussy.
The next day, I thought it was a dream but when he came by he told me
it’s real. We have done many kinky things since, we even start anal
fucking, but that’s another story all by itself and another payment
I hope.

Montego Bay, St. James
Yuh love money too much! (Just kidding) MG

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