Tricked my boyfriend into getting me pregnant again

Tricked my boyfriend into getting me pregnant again

Dear Pastor,

I am 25 years old and I am pregnant with my second child. I wanted this child but my boyfriend did not. I told him that I was on the Pill, but I lied.

After I discovered that I was pregnant and told him, he questioned me about how that could have happened, because I was on the Pill. I had to lie to him again and told him that I had missed a couple of days. My boyfriend told me that I was on my own. Our first child is a girl, so I have been trying to get a boy. But I am in trouble because I am having another girl. As a nurse, I should have been more careful. My boyfriend is great in every way. He takes good care of me. Right now, we have our eyes on a house. His parents love me. I wish that this child in me could just transform into a boy. My boyfriend works very hard. I know women at his workplace love him, but he doesn’t cheat. My sister told me that I should never trust a man, but I know I can trust him. Do you think I should tell him that I was never on the Pill, or should I just leave that alone and hope that he loves the child when she is born?


Dear E.N.,

It is never wise to lie to your spouse. The man told you that he was not ready for another child, but you thought it was time for another. You fooled him by telling him that you were on the Pill, and by telling him that, he felt that everything was safe and that you would never get pregnant. Now, you are not only pregnant, but the child is a girl. You told a lie, and you had to tell another lie to cover up that lie. It has nothing to do with you being a nurse; you wanted to get pregnant because you wanted a boy.

Concerning whether you should tell your boyfriend that you had lied to him about being on the Pill, that is a decision you have to make on your own. I wish you well.


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