All hail Queen Spice!

All hail Queen Spice!

Dancehall heavyweight Spice was hailed as a “consummate performer” and “iconic lyricist” ahead of her crowing as Queen of the Dancehall at Reggae Sumfest.

“Montego Bay, St Catherine, di entire Jamaica proud ah yuh,” said host Ms Kitty as she invited Reggae Sumfest Boss Joe Bogdanovich on stage to crown Spice.

“How many years has it been since Marion Hall was here?” Bogdanovich questioned the crowd after the crowning. “How long ago was that? You (Spice) have been on this journey for so long to get to where you have been. Good luck to everybody else. Congratulations!”

After she received her crown, her son Nicholas Lall Jr, who beamed with pride, embraced her.

Spice, whose given name is Grace Hamilton, released her debut studio album 10, last August and enjoyed many high points in her career, some of the most recent being a nomination for Best Reggae Album Grammy and No. 1 track, Go Down Deh, featuring Shaggy and Sean Paul. She is also a cast member of the American reality series Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.

Though she is known for her raunchy lyrics on tracks such as So Mi Like it, Needle Eye, Sheet and more, she has always used her music and platform to make commentary on social issues. Tonight’s performance was utilised to do just that. Spice dedicating a few minutes to address Prime Minister Andrew Holness.

“The Gleaner Company said Honourable Prime Minister is disappointed with ‘Whap, Whap’ and ‘Ensure’ so let me address the Prime Minister in a respectable manner. Honourable Andrew Holness a.k.a. Mr ‘Bro Gad’ I wanna reason with you tonight and when mi reason with you tonight, mi want the people dem lef ya and find the White House, the one wah deh uppa Hope Road desso and tell him fi ave me as MP and a member of the board cause mi affi reason wid him,” she said to the crowd.

Spice then began to speak out about issues such as discrimination, crime and poverty over a one-drop beat. This set had the audience’s eyes glued to the stage as she reminded everyone why she was the Queen of the Dancehall.

She also announced that her new album, Emancipated, would be released on August 19.

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