Apostle Annakay Israel wants ‘No More Killing’

Apostle Annakay Israel wants ‘No More Killing’

Gospel recording artiste Apostle Annakay Israel is currently promoting her track No More Killing.

“My hope for the song is to bring about the nation’s awareness of the cryptic operation of the spirit of death and hell which is behind the bloodshed, violence and crime. It also highlights the effect it has on the nation’s economy and the people as a whole. This is a plea to these murderers to cease this diabolical operation,” she explained.

The track has been getting a positive reaction as the message resonates with many people across the world.

“May the listener also participate in passing these decrees and proclamations. We speak life to our nation and our people, in Jesus’ name,” the artiste said.

Apostle Annakay Israel’s journey with music started in 2005, with the release of her first single, The Lord Is My Light, which featured fellow artiste Isaiah. The track was promoted on Dudley Thompson’s ‘What’s The Verdict’ new gospel artiste competition.

“We won the competition and were featured on a few radio and television networks. My musical experiences have taken on a whole new level, giving me the opportunity to travel to Asia, Ghana, Nigeria, Honduras and a few other nations of the world, singing and ministering the word of God,” she said.

Currently based in Florida, she is the founder of the Lion of Judah Prophetic Worship Centre INC & Lion of Judah TV Network. She uses her platform to reach people through her sermons which are streamed regularly on her YouTube page.

“My final statement to us is that bloodshed brings about serious implications to any nation or individuals and, when the blood of the innocent cries out, we are yoked with curses, hexes and poverty. I decree that our nation’s people will fall on their knees and return to Abba Father before there is no grace,” she stated.

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