July 11, 2022

Daygo P Targets Youth With ‘money Step’

Dancehall artiste-producer Daygo P hopes that he can inspire youth to achieve their dreams legally with his Money Step single.

“I was getting a lot of fight with business and with the music and I persevered. I want the youth to know money haffi mek in a positive way. They can make money without doing certain things,” said the artiste. The single was officially released on June 10 on the Front Step Records label. The single is part of the ‘Money Step’ rhythm project which features heavyweight acts such as Skeng and Jah Vinci, as well as emerging artistes like Suspense, Badda General and Ambiance.

Daygo P, whose given name is Adene Adolphus Higgins, already shot the visuals for the song which will be released later this month. The artiste hails from Spanish Town, St Catherine. He attended Homestead Primary School and developed a passion for music from age 13 when he used to hang around sound systems, working small jobs and selecting at nights. He migrated to Canada in 2003 where he completed his education at Downsview Secondary High School in Ontario, Toronto. He represented the school in football, and scouts even selected him to try out for Chelsea Youth Academy in England. But that didn’t work out.

He returned to Jamaica in 2010 where he began working in the music industry and recorded his first professional single, Man Fi Buss, in 2015. He always dreamed of becoming a music producer, and he has realised his dream with a lot of recognition for Money Step, which is his third project.

“This project’s aim is to bring back dancehall juggling and recreate the togetherness while helping the youth of the future,” he said.