Discyple George hopes to bring change through music

Discyple George hopes to bring change through music

Gospel recording artiste Discyple George is bringing the focus back on one of his tracks titled We Worship You.

Released last June, the track highlights the need for the world to buckle down and worship God. The artiste’s hope is for the project to be a vehicle to drive nations into worship mode and get back to the real connection with God.

“The feedback is amazing, especially from the younger age groups in Barbados, Antigua and Barbuda and also in Jamaica. I’m getting a lot of calls from teenagers,” the artiste stated.

Originally from Hayes in Clarendon, Discyple George is an artiste whose style of music can be described as radical worship. His musical journey began in 2005, as half of a gospel duo with now dancehall artiste Amechie. After taking a break from music, he resumed in 2013, releasing the single Tek It To Dem. Currently residing in Antigua and Barbuda, he aims to use his music as a tool to inspire change.

“I believe the state of crime in Jamaica is highly influenced by dancehall music and I personally believe that the level of bloodshed is attracting a lot of demons in our society. I myself was a sinful person, I was shot five times and my cousin was shot 16 times. I survived, unfortunately my cousin didn’t. At one point I was even in jail facing a murder charge. God changed my life because I turned to him, so I know He will do it also for anybody else who worships him. I also believe that the church is failing in our society to do their role of guiding the youths,” the artiste expressed.

Now on his new path, the artiste has released several tracks such as God Save Me, World Praise, Murder and perhaps his biggest song to date, God Yuh Good.

“My next move is to work on two music videos, continue working on my EP and I also have upcoming shows in St Vincent and the Grenadines, Trinidad and Antigua,” he said.

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