Ganggoolie wants love for Toni-Ann Singh song

Ganggoolie wants love for Toni-Ann Singh song

Dancehall artiste Ganggoolie is calling out what he believes is hypocrisy in the music community, following the overwhelming love for Burna Boy’s Toni-Ann Singh (TAS), which features Popcaan.

Singh, the 2019/2020 Miss World was “first” the object of Ganggoolie’s lyrical affection in his 2019 song, Jamaica Miss World, which he believes did not receive as much national support as TAS.

“Mi sing a song like that and dem shun it, and Popcaan sing it and dem praise him, so mi a wonder if this is a Jesus episode where dem sell out Jesus fi Barabbas,” the entertainer told THE STAR. “It coming like a nuh me dem want and a so it go but it a show seh a pure hypocrite deh bout yah.”

Adding fuel to his fire is the closeness of one lyric. Ganggoolie sings, ” Girl yuh pretty like the new Miss World, Toni-Ann Singh” on his song, while Popcaan leads the chorus of Burna Boy’s track with ” Gyal yuh pretty like Toni-Ann Singh“.

“Mi did know seh Toni-Ann Singh pretty, so probably him just a find out, mi nuh know, but it’s the same lyrics,” he said.

“When mi go see Popcaan actually sing back the same thing, it mek mi reconsider that it seems like it’s only a certain set of people dem like in this country.”

TAS debuted on July 7 amid dating rumours between the ‘Unruly Boss’ and Singh. The St Thomas natives have been captured in viral clips flying to a show in Grenada last month, and another of them “running a boat”. With Popcaan’s yardie-Shakespeare serenading on TAS, the Internet has progressed beyond speculation to calling them the new power couple. But this is not a love story; it’s a tale of Ganggoolie feeling robbed of his flowers.

“Dem need fi put some respect pon mi name cause a whole heap of things mi do bout yah and dem pirate it like dem originate it. A dis (music) feed me and mi family. A dis send mi youth through college. A dis mek mi can live inna one decent house so how mi fi mek mouth talk get mi out? Mi know mi a do something good but dem just nuh waan give me 100 per cent. Jamaican people just need fi change up dem ways now and stop tek sides, whether music or anything weh ghetto people participate inna cause mi nuh ‘x’ out nobody.”

He declared that he has no issue with Popcaan, and is just defending fairness.

“Mi coulda draw fi mi lawyer fi the song itself, not Popcaan. Anything is possible; you can’t joke with your rights.”

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