July 27, 2022

Helper Wanted Me To Pay For A Little ‘loving’

Dear Pastor,

I listen to you every night and I read your column. I am married but my wife is away. I have people taking care of me. I was living in America but I came home because I am trying to build a house. I have lost a lot of money. People want me to pay them for everything. I employed a young woman to wash and clean. Recently, I asked her for ‘something’ and she said she would give it to me for extra money. I asked her why I should pay her extra for that and she said I was paying for its upkeep.

This girl has three children and since I have been here, I have given her money to help to support them. She is a good cook and whenever she cooks, I try to make the food last for two days. So my Sunday dinner is large enough for me to eat some and leave over for Monday. I am afraid to ask this young woman for anything again.

My wife is planning to come to Jamaica in December and she asked my helper what she wants her to bring in the barrel that she is packing. So I told her that what she is going to get in that barrel will cost more than what I can give to her for the thing I asked her for. She left without giving me anything.

I am 70 years old and I have been doing without a woman since I have been in Jamaica working on my house. I did not know that this girl really believed that I would pay her extra for a little piece of flesh.


Dear R.M.,

The woman did not give you ‘that thing’ that you asked her for. She told you that that comes with a price. What she was saying is that nothing is for free. You thought that because she was working with you that she would give you her body freely. But she is high maintenance. So she wanted you to know that. Leave the lady alone. You won’t die by not getting whatever she has.