Ishawna performance leaves Bounty Killer cross and Downsound apologetic

Ishawna performance leaves Bounty Killer cross and Downsound apologetic

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Veteran dancehall artiste Bounty Killer said he has “nothing to say” following Ishawna’s performance on stage which saw her straddling a cardboard cut-out of the deejay while oral sex anthem Equal Rights played in the background.

“We Jamaicans [like] to take bad things and make jokes,” wrote Bounty Killer on Instagram, with a video posted by @drledd on TikTok calling out Ishawna for allegedly “provoking” Bounty Killer with her “disrespectful act”.

Bounty Killer, who turned 50 this year, noted his growth and maturity, and said, “I only act and not react.”

He went on to call out persons who found Ishawna’s actions funny. “Y’all [say] how we rate the general for his contributions to the poor and the development of other artiste etc., then [ya’ll] sat there laughing,” said Bounty Killer.

During her performance on Reggae Sumfest night one, Ishawna unveiled three life-sized cardboard cut-outs, one of Prime Minister Andrew Holness, another of Minister of Health and Wellness Christopher Tufton and the third and final cut-out of Bounty Killer. She danced with each but got more personal with the cut-out of Bounty Killer, sparking the ire of Bounty Killer supporters.


When asked about possible backlash to her performance on Saturday morning, Ishawna said there are more pressing issues Jamaicans and government should be focused on other than the gimmickry she showcased on stage.

“I sat on a cardboard box,” Ishawna told THE STAR. “It’s all just entertainment.”

She said she was not worried about any backlash or concerned about it upsetting any of the three public figures.

“If Andrew Holness or anybody war me bout dah cardboard deh yuh see… address Donna-Lee [Donaldson],” Ishawna exclaimed.

Josef Bogdanovich, chairman of Downsound Entertainment, released a statement on Monday saying that while the organisation is committed to free expression, it “does not condone performances that insult or denigrate other artistes or individuals”.

“It has come to our attention that one of the performers incorporated words and images into her performance that were insulting and demeaning,” said the release,which did not name refer to Ishawna by name.

The Reggae Sumfest organisers distanced themselves the performance.

“As a practical matter, we can’t control what an artiste does when they get onstage. In this case, we had no advance knowledge as to what was to take place. The behaviour was disrespectful and inexcusable, and for that, we sincerely [apologise] to Bounty Killer for any offence caused,” said Bogdanovich.

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