Jah Vinci blasts the ‘Haters’

Jah Vinci blasts the ‘Haters’

Dancehall star Jah Vinci is gearing up this summer to promote his latest single, Haters, which was released on the Front Step Records imprint on June 6.

“My main thing is to inspire and uplift youths like with my first hit song, Watch Yu Friends. I try to sing about things to make people stay motivated and be careful of people. So this new [song] Haters falls within that category. A lot of people can relate to getting a fight, and that’s why it resonates so well with the people. You have to rise above the fight, soar over the haters,” Jah Vinci said.

Haters appears on the ‘Money Step’ rhythm which also features Skeng with Limited Edition. Producer-artiste Daygo P and emerging artistes like Badda General, Suspense and Ambiance are also featured.

“We’re going to shoot the video for Haters soon,” Jah Vinci said. He is enjoying a resurgence in his career, recently reuniting with producer Ainsley ‘Notnice’ Morris with whom he enjoyed a successful stint when they were both members of Kartel’s Portmore Empire. Jah Vinci is booked for shows in Antigua and Barbuda and the Cayman Islands in coming months.

Known for dancehall bangers such as Weh Dem Ah Guh and Guide Me, Jah Vinci has the added distinction of scoring his biggest hit with Virgin, which was released in December 2020. The single has racked up 17 million views so far. The track landed in the top spot on YouTube’s annual list of top songs in the island in 2021.

“The Virgin song showed a different side to Jah Vinci. Not that mi nuh normally do girl tune, but the way I did this one was definitely different and they loved it,” he said.

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