JFF, JOA hail Reggae Girlz

JFF, JOA hail Reggae Girlz

The Jamaica Football Federation (JFF) and the Jamaica Olympic Association (JOA) have hailed the Senior Women’s National Team, the Reggae Girlz, after they qualified for successive FIFA Women’s World Cup in Monterrey, Mexico, on Monday night.

Two goals from captain Khadija Shaw lifted the Girlz to a 4-0 win over Haiti at the Concacaf Women’s Championship and automatic qualification for the 2023 World Cup.

In a release the JFF said: “Their creation of history, once again, has been due to their unquestionable strength of purpose, character, determination, unity and patriotism. We commend and lift them up to Jamaica as living example of what is possible even when tremendous challenges abound.

“The JFF thanks and congratulates the entire technical staff, led by head coach Lorne Donaldson who had the team together less than three weeks before the start of the tournament.

“Finally, none of this would have been possible without our partners, the Bob Marley Foundation, the Reggae Girlz Foundation, the Ministry of Sports and all the well-wishers and supporters.”

In its release the JOA said: “History has repeated itself and the JOA commends the Girlz for writing yet again another admirable chapter in what we know will be a bestseller in football. Well done Girlz. The fraternity of sport applauds you and the Olympic Movement thanks you for giving our youth, particularly our young girls, invaluable lessons in courage, determination and inspiration.

“With victory over Haiti, the journey now begins for our Reggae Girlz and as we did on the previous occasion the Jamaica Olympic Association (JOA) will be on the voyage Down Under with the team of our member association the Jamaica Football Federation.”

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