July 15, 2022

Judge Revokes Bail After Accused Admits Previous Charge

The accused in a larceny case had his bail revoked at the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court yesterday as he let slip that a warrant was out for his arrest stemming from a 2019 case.

Chief Parish Judge Chester Crooks had given Milton Thompson bail in the sum of $80,000 with conditions and a surety after he pleaded not guilty to simple larceny and obtaining money by means of false pretence. However, an utterance from Thompson that he was before the court in 2019 for a similar charge which was not disposed of by the court led prosecutors searching the court’s record. Checks made by the court staff revealed that a warrant was issued by another judge after Thompson failed to attend court on October 17, 2019 to stand trial. Records indicate that witnesses were present at court and all efforts made to contact Thompson proved futile. Hearing the revelations, Crooks revoked bail. Thompson begged for mercy.

“Your Honour, please. I have a three-year-old at home and I have a child that’s due in September, that I don’t even start buying the stuff dem yet. The mother live with me and she depend on me, she don’t work,” Thompson pleaded as police officers whisked him away in handcuffs.

In the new matter before the court yesterday, it was alleged that in late January, the complainant allegedly paid Thompson $10,000 after he informed her that he could obtain a birth certificate before her birthday in March. The court heard further that sometime in February, Thompson visited the complainant’s home to update her on his progress. While there, Thompson is accused of stealing her Samsung Galaxy cellular phone.

Thompson was remanded until September 7 when he is to stand trial in the new matter. Prosecutors were also ordered to make contact with the complainant in the 2019 matter. – T.T.