KipRich has the ‘Rich Look’

KipRich has the ‘Rich Look’

Dancehall artiste KipRich has released his latest single, Rich Look, featuring Pata Skeng and KoolKid, which shows the deejay showing off a new trap-dancehall delivery.

The single has even spawned a dance which, according to the artiste, “ah the hottest dance right now”. The dance was conceptualised by Pata Skeng, who is known for dances such as ‘Dip’ and the ‘Touch’.

“Dancer Pata Skeng came with the ‘Rich Look’ idea and we went to the studio, and he showed me the new dance idea and mi just find the song. And then KoolKid jumped on it when the song was almost done, and we moved his part to the front of the song. Then we drop it and it just connect in the streets. Viral!” Kiprich said.

The single was produced by Sofocus Entertainment. The visuals for the project premiered on June 3.

“Everybody can ketch the ‘Rich Look’ dance. It’s simple and easy fi do. When dem drop the dance, anno nothing normal in the streets. It ah run road,” he said.

KipRich recently teamed up with singer D’Yani for the single Gyalis Astrology, the visuals for which have racked up more than 930,000 views on YouTube.

KipRich has shows coming up, including All-White Affair on June 12 in Brooklyn, New York; Joe Grind in Orlando, Florida, on July 30; and Happiness on August 6 in Queens.

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