Laa Lee names Mr Killa’s ‘Rolly Polly’ as favourite soca song

Laa Lee names Mr Killa’s ‘Rolly Polly’ as favourite soca song

All soca lovers have their favourite songs. For dancehall deejay Laa Lee, his favourite soca song is Mr Killa’s 2014 Rolly Polly. “I love a fat girl,” sang the Tip Inna it Gad when THE STAR caught up with him as he sheltered from the rays of the sun along Trafalgar Road.

“The sun a beat me bad,” said Laa Lee.

July is one of the hottest summer months; it has has left many revellers pulling for fans, hats and umbrellas.

Laa Lee said he was happy to be outside, particularly after such a long period of lockdown owning to the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s not his first carnival, but the novelty is not lost on him. “Yuh see di girls dem? How dem dress? Oh gosh man! I’m outside,” he said, with a laugh.

A fan of “every music”, he said he was also hoping to hear some dancehall on the road, particularly the popular single on which he is featured, Cristale’s Bong Bing.

Hundreds of revellers hit the road for the 2022 Carnival in Jamaica parade.

Jamaica last had a carnival parade in 2019, owing the COVID-19 pandemic.

Two carnival bands hit the streets today – Bacchanal and Xodus – as Carnival in Jamaica makes its long-awaited return.

Carnival band Xaymaca opted not to participate in the July staging, citing competing Caribbean carnivals. While, Downtown Carnival was cancelled due to a lack of sponsorship.

Several roadways, including Hope, Lady Musgrave, Trafalgar, Waterloo, and Old Hope roads and Knutsford Boulevard, have been closed temporarily to facilitate the road parades.

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