Luggage problems for Reggae Girlz in United States

Luggage problems for Reggae Girlz in United States

Two staff members from a Reggae Girlz travelling party, returning from the Concacaf Women’s Championship in Mexico, had to stay over in Houston, Texas, to secure luggage after the group failed to acquire funds in time to clear their bags and catch their connecting flight to Miami.

“The players and some staff are on their way but two of the staff will remain in Houston to travel tomorrow (today) with the rest of the luggage.

“Some of the luggage was sent off but some had to remain because by the time things were sorted out the flight had already taken off,” a Jamaica Football Federation (JFF) source told STAR Sports.

In order to secure their luggage for the flight to Miami, some players and staff paid from their pockets to get their bags cleared. And although most personal luggage was cleared, some team equipment was not cleared in time.

“The extra pieces, which is the equipment, had to remain. By the time the funds came to deal with that the others would have boarded. So the two staff members remained and are to travel with the luggage tomorrow,” the JFF source said.

According to the JFF insider, the group was given a credit card by a director that was not working, as it had no cash on it.

“They transferred some money to one of the staff but it was her husband’s card and that caused some problems. So two of the staff are to remain with the remaining luggage,” he said.

In an Instagram post, star player Khadija Shaw lamented the Girlz’s travel problems.

“Less than 24 hours after finishing a successful tournament and qualifying for back-to-back World Cups, only to arrive at the airport to be stuck with 24 pieces of bags and no funds to pay for them. JFF how are we getting home,” her post read.

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