Missing man found dead

Missing man found dead

A day before the body of Garrie Myers was discovered near a canal along Jobs Lane in Spanish Town, St Catherine, his mother said she dreamed that her son was in grave trouble having been missing for nearly a week.

The distraught mother said she knew something was wrong when she did not hear from her son for days, which she said was an unusual occurrence. The news team was informed that Myers was reported missing on Friday, July 22.

“Last night [Wednesday] me dream see him, like him a tell me something. Mi see him over the bed tun him face. Mi hear a voice say ‘Tek di banks before it too late’, and mi say ‘Weh name so’? Inna di dream him tun weh him forehead like something do it and a so it prove yah now,” she told THE WEEKEND STAR on Thursday as she watched detectives comb through the crime scene where her son’s body was found. The body of another man, whose identity was not obtained up to press time, was also discovered at the location near a pigsty. It is reported that residents stumbled upon the bodies around 9:30 a.m. and called the police.

According to the grieving mother, Myers was arrested in 2015 for illegal possession of a firearm and sentenced to seven years in prison. She stressed that he was in the wrong place at the wrong time and had promised to turn his life around once he was released. She blamed ‘bad company’ for his incarceration.

“Me tell him say him must face whatever come from this [arrest]. Him listen and never abscond bail like his other friends. Him go prison and learn furniture work and tailoring. Him come back out and say a that him wah do,” she said. “Mi did a plan fi buy di machine dem fi him so him can do him likkle work.” The mother lamented the state of violence in the country.

“It come een like a demons let go. Dis killing, killing in the streets is like a demon weh wah blood. I don’t know what will have to happen for it to stop but I plead the blood of Jesus against all demonic forces,” she said.

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