My friend slept with me for money

My friend slept with me for money

Dear Pastor,

I listen to you every night. Some of the things I hear, I can relate to. I am living with my babymother. She takes good care of me and of the children.

But sometimes I go out because I feel for a change. I have even gone to prostitutes but I make sure that I wear my ‘boots’. Sometimes my babymother believes that I am playing dominoes with the guys. But I am gone with other women; she doesn’t know. I know other men who do the same thing. Some women sell themselves for little or nothing. I have never paid more than $1,000 for a woman and that is plenty of money when a woman is broke. I don’t even have to pay for a room and when a woman is broke, any man can get her for little or nothing.

I am not running down women. I am not saying anything bad about them. One woman called me last week. She is my good friend. She said she did not even have rice or sugar at her house. I told her I was busy, so before going home, I went by her and gave her $500. When I was about to drive off she asked me if I didn’t need anything and I said no.

Three days later she called me again and I told her that I could not come, but I was planning to go to a wake in Clarendon so she could come with me. So she came and we had sex in my car two times for the night before I went home. We had food at the wake and I gave her $1,000. You don’t know what’s going on out there. Some of these ladies need help and it is not easy for men to ignore a woman who asks for help and is not asking for any big money.

I told my babymother that she is the best woman in the world and I mean that she is a good woman. I don’t take chances, Pastor. I don’t fuss with my babymother when she says she is tired because I know women who are never tired of having sex with me, whether I have money or not.

I have a daughter who is 17 years old and I told her to stay with her lessons. She wants to be a nurse. I don’t want men to use her and I don’t want her to end up with a child because she did not get a profession and was unable to support herself. So sometimes, Pastor, when you hear these people talk on the radio on your show, it is because they don’t know what’s going on on the road. You don’t have to comment on this letter if you don’t want to.


Dear P.G.,

You should not assume that I don’t know what is going on on the street. Nevertheless, I want to thank you for writing because what you have said is not just to inform me, but it is for the whole world to read and to understand what some women go through and what they have to do to survive.

Imagine some women sell themselves for $500, and if a man is a regular customer or client, he can get it for nothing.

You say you have been very careful and that you have not gone to any of these women bareback. Your woman at home trusts you so I hope that you will continue to be very careful. I want to remind you not to waste your money on prostitutes. You can save and invest the money that you spend on other women. You are not helping yourself by playing around with other women, so try your best to cut out that sort of behaviour.


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