New York-based producer remakes legendary ‘Giggy’ rhythm

New York-based producer remakes legendary ‘Giggy’ rhythm

It has often been said that the 1990s were the golden era of dancehall music because that was the decade in which the genre took flight.

A plethora of top dancehall acts recorded hits on hypnotic rhythms that were created by some of Jamaica’s greatest musicians and producers such as the legendary production duo Steelie and Cleevie. One of their most popular productions was the ‘Giggy’ rhythm which was released in 1991. It featured several hits, including Power Man’s Stone, Baby Wayne’s Mama, Joseph Stepper’s Wife and Pennie Irie’s Matie.

The rhythm has been recreated several times over the years by various producers. The latest incarnation of it was produced by New York-based dancehall artiste/producer 360Degree.

His project, which is titled ‘Art A Dancehall’, features veterans Pennie Irie, Power Man and Joseph Stepper, along with newcomers Krusher, D Fancey, Kayydyan, Fya Flex and Pengadon.

“I’ve always been a fan of Steelie and Cleevie’s work, especially the Giggy rhythm. One day while I was chillin’ in my living room, the idea hit me to recreate the rhythm. So, I reached out to Pennie Irie and asked if he would do a remake of Matie and he said yes. After that, I called JayFK who makes all my rhythms and asked him to create a new version of the Giggy,” said 360Degree.

“As soon as I got the rhythm, I sent it to Pennie Irie. After he recorded his song, he sent it to Power Man. Soon after that, Power Man reached out to me and said that he wanted to do a new version of Stone. Power Man was also instrumental in helping me to get Joseph Stepper to re-record Wife. Krusha helped me to get the other artistes to record on the riddim,” he added.

‘Art A Dancehall’ was released on the Brit Lake Records imprint on July 8.

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