No more coaching for Blaine

No more coaching for Blaine

Vin Blaine resigned as national women’s football coach yesterday. The veteran coach revealed he was offered another post by the Jamaica Football Federation (JFF) but he declined the offer.

Blaine left his post after weeks of speculation, following a letter to JFF president Michael Ricketts, signed by 20 members of the senior Reggae Girlz, calling for his removal.

However, despite getting a vote of confidence from the federation, Blaine decided to step aside.

“The JFF offered me other jobs apart from coaching but I wasn’t really interested,” he said.

“In the earlier days, I probably would have taken it but now I do not see it necessary to do so. But anything that I am doing next I am not sure if it will be in Jamaica.

“As a matter of fact, I am not even sure what I will be doing. I will be having talks and discussions but I do not know what will materialise but I think I have at least another five years in football.”

However, any future endeavours that he pursues will be focused on the developmental aspects of the game.

“I might just take a couple months off. I have been approached already but I will not discuss those things before it actually happens.

“Certainly will not be doing coaching. I will go back to a role of technical director or director of football or maybe get an academy going in Florida.

“This (coaching) chapter of my life is over,” Blaine said.

Blaine spent only six months in his second stint as Reggae Girlz coach. He led the team to four victories in his four games, but tendered his resignation with the Concacaf Championship only a month away.

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