OregonGoldRush | Fedrick Dacres pushing throw pain barrier for medal

OregonGoldRush | Fedrick Dacres pushing throw pain barrier for medal

Eugene, Oregon:

Despite still struggling with an abductor problem, World Athletics Championship silver medallist Fedrick Dacres is not looking for any excuses as he competes in the Men’s Discus Throw final at on Tuesday at 8:33 p.m.

Dacres advanced to the final with a throw of 64.49m to qualify from group B. He is still recovery from that abductor injury which saw him not compete at the National Senior Championships last month.

Dacres had injury last season, and did not make the Olympic final in Tokyo. But despite his recent problem, Dacres said he will power through it.

“It is a bit uncomfortable but I understand that I have to throw because it makes no sense that we come all this way to flop out because of a little pain,” Dacres told STAR Sports. “I just have to go through. If we can fix it after this, we fix it after this.”

Another obstacle was adjusting to the ring at Hayward Field, which for him was faster and places him at a disadvantage.

“I am more for the slow rings where I can push off hard,” he said. “So to actually be in my first World Championships in a fast ring, it was really challenging to adapt. But I had a job to do and I did it. I knew that I was very rusty. Even the discus felt a bit foreign. It never felt right in my hand, so I had to slow it down and heave one.”

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