Patrick Bailey disbarred

Patrick Bailey disbarred

Attorney-at-law Patrick Bailey was today made ineligible to practise in Jamaica for failure to hand over US$17,640 to a client.

The Disciplinary Committee of the General Legal Council (GLC) made the decision to disbar Bailey following a hearing into a complaint made against him.

Simone Williams complained to the GLC that Bailey collected the money and held it on trust for her. When she requested the money, Bailey made several promises to hand it over but that was not done.

Williams filed a complaint to the GLC in February 2021 but after receiving no response for six months, she retained the services of attorney-at -law Olive Gardner to  represent her.

The money was seized by customs officers in a barrel with other goods for sale. Customs, being satisfied that the money was sent from New York by a relative gainfully employed to purchase a vehicle for commercial purposes, told the complainant to get a legal representative to be present when the money was returned.

Bailey represented the complainant and a US cheque for the amount seized was given to him.

The Disciplinary Committee found Bailey guilty of professional misconduct and ordered him to make restitution to the complainant in the sum of US$17,640 with interest at three per cent until the payment is completed.

In addition, he is to pay $300,000 in legal costs to the complainant and costs of $100,000 to the GLC.

Bailey was represented by attorney-at-law Franklin Halliburton.

– Barbara Gayle

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