Rasta artiste turns to God after stage show flop

Rasta artiste turns to God after stage show flop

When Emmanuel McLennon left his home three weeks ago to perform at the anniversary event for Boom Box, he was expecting a huge ‘forward’. But the Rastafararian artiste, who claims that he always “shell dung the place” whenever he performs, was in for a rude awakening.

“Mi go the event and perform and not one forward mi get, none at all for me performance,” said McLennon.

“Mi always shell dung the place when mi perform, enuh. Drewsland, at Ghetto Splash, mi gwan good. When KipRich keep him event a Balmagie Primary School field, mi tek it. So mi deh pon the stage and find mi self a think bout the vision,” he said.

With microphone in his hand and the patrons showing him little love, McLennon began reflecting on a vision he said that he received two days earlier.

“Mi get a vision and it say mi must read the book of Acts and follow the word,” said McLennon, who uses the stage name Emmanuel B.

“The scripture a tell me say fi me go repent and get baptised and come to the glory a God.”

In addition to reflecting on the vision, McLennon said that he felt he had his own Damascus-Road type experience as he journeyed to the dancehall event. His legs, he said, were behaving as if they were unwilling to go.

“When I leave my house now and say me a head towards the event, a pain come inna mi foot. Mi say to mi self, ‘what is this?’, cause mi foot never normally hurt me so,” McLennon said.

He ignored the signs, went to the event and was a flop.

But his disappointment appears to be for an appointment in the Kingdom of God as he proclaimed Jesus Christ as his saviour. Two days after his forgettable performance, the up-and-coming entertainer went to a church service and a week later decided to give his life to God.

“The pastor mek an altar call but all him a talk bout was repent. Mi know a couldn’t coincidence because almost everything weh him a say similar to me vision,” McLennon said.

Two weeks ago, while still wearing his dreadlocks, he got baptised at the Bethel Bible Way Church in Olympic Gardens, St Andrew. Then on Monday, he cut his dreads that he has been growing for the past 29 years.

“To tell yuh the truth, mi full a energy right now. Is like me is a new man but inna di same body right now,” said the 60-year-old Waterhouse resident.

He said since he got converted he has made significant lifestyle changes such as to quit smoking. On Thursday, he told THE WEEKEND STAR that, despite being mocked by many who do not understand his decision, he does not regret his decision to walk with Christ.

Now that he has been converted, McLennon said he will be using his talent to win souls for the Kingdom of God.

“Mi nah stop sing. A it a di talent di Almighty gave me, and him say mi fi now put it to good use. It’s just like this was always meant to be. Don’t get me wrong, enuh, I had Emperor Selassie I as a great king but I didn’t have him as my God. I was looking for something more and that is why God came into my life so easily, because now I know what it feels like to have an anointing spirit,” the born-again McLennon said.

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