Runkus reminisces on musical journey

Runkus reminisces on musical journey

Reggae artiste Runkus has embraced being the son of reggae and dancehall legend Determine and has described his entry into music as almost second nature.

“I didn’t choose it, I was born into the life and lifestyle. Music was all around the house. We had a studio at home, not to mention all the things my father would do to aid in my journey,” he shared. “I would say my mother and father equipped me with all the tools to, sonically and business-wise, pursue music if that path was chosen. However, I wouldn’t call it persuasion nor force; [it] was natural.”

Born Romario Sebastian Anthony Bennett, Runkus explained that his journey into music was not without second thoughts because he considered pursuing higher education before changing his mind.

“I decided to do music professionally after high school. Everyone was going college and I even went as far as to apply to one abroad and got in, and went to orientation to look around and decided this was not the path for me and stepped fully into music,” he said. After deciding that music was indeed his calling, he focused on the art form fully and even had a laugh as he reminisced on his first official recording.

“I believe a record I sing up to this day was my very first single Victims, produced by Bassick Records, which at the time was my brethrens Stefan and Daniel Jones’ mother’s closet. We made great music there, fearless music. Ding Dong and many others recorded there as well. It was a very important step in my life and career as I began to decide why type of artiste I wanted to be,” he remarked. Runkus admitted that his life and musical journey have been positively impacted by his father’s legacy.

“The lessons, the journey, the teachings, these were all handed to me from a very close reference point. I was at many studios with him when I was younger so, nowadays as an adult, when I see said producers, musicians, it’s normally a warm welcome,” he said. Runkus also revealed that he has not received much criticism because of his familial links to music.

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