Savage Savo drops leaked ‘Crocodile Don’ and new EP Friday

Savage Savo drops leaked ‘Crocodile Don’ and new EP Friday

Cro codile Don, a song said to be a leaked collaboration between Skeng, Skillibeng and Savage Savo, has the latter baring his teeth.

Savage Savo said that he is the only artiste featured on the track and pointed out that the use of “a hundred different voices” is one of his techniques that has made him unique.

He also dismissed suggestions that he was “following” Skeng and Skillibeng’s style.

“The style weh Skeng a use, we been a use it. The style weh Skillibeng a use, a we create it. But the fans need to know that me buss before dem and a long time me a use dem flow deh. Mi use three different voice in the song and that’s why dem think it’s a collab with three artistes,” Savage Savo explained.

The deejay is dropping his second EP for the year, 37.5 Degrees Hypothermia, on Friday and noted that with the untimely release of Crocodile Don, the producers are now forced to officially release that track on the same day. And in an era where leaks can often be traced to the original source, Savage Savo insisted that his camp had nothing to do with it.

“The leak didn’t come from my end, nor the producer’s, but is a bad tune so somebody who have access to it decide to push it out. The producer never call it Crocodile Don but since that name out there already him just a work wid it and we just a go hurry up and do a music video,” he said.

Savage Savo is adamant that this mini-drama can’t poison the relationship between him and the named artistes.

“Just the fans’ views alone can’t mek me judge the artistes. I know it’s just a good song and dem a good artiste. Right now my focus is my EP 37.5 Degrees Hypothermia. It is produced by T100 Records and Savage Entertainment and it has seven solid songs. The name is out of the box. It is pertaining to a heatwave in the UK and it is the producer who came up with the idea and I like it,” he said.

The Fix Her Back artiste is all hyped up for the release and added that “as a fully Gaza yute … a Gaza senator. .. Vybz Kartel is representing for it”.

The ‘Fresh Prince of the Dancehall’ has posted to social media an endorsement by Kartel in which big ups were sent to the producer Turbo, Savage and the EP.

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