July 21, 2022

Stepson Thinks I Gave His Dad ‘bun’

Dear Pastor,

I am a woman and I am in my 40s. I have three children. I was married to their father but he died. He was building a home but before he died, he handed over the unfinished house to one of his sons. He had six children. The son does not want to have anything to do with me. I am living in my grandfather’s house. This son does not want to have any dealings at all with his siblings. He has no manners at all. Some people told me that he said the children that I have for his father are not all ‘jackets’.

From the time I met my husband, no man has ever blown breath in my face. I respected him so much and he was a good provider. We never went hungry. It is hard to hear that his son is saying that I had another man with his father. My husband’s mother is still alive and my children go to her house very often and I visit her sometimes. She is hoping that I will find another man but I am not looking for anyone else. I told her that I can do without sex. My children are doing well. They have passed the worst.

Pastor, I want to know if my children can claim anything from the house their father was building. It seems unfair for one son to get everything. That is why I am asking you for your advice.


Dear M.,

I am not a lawyer; therefore, I should not attempt to give legal advice. I suggest that you consult a lawyer and explain everything to him or her. He or she will advise you accordingly. Don’t get into any argument with any of your husband’s children. Do not try to defend yourself. Everything is going to be alright for you.

I am glad that the children’s grandmother is always happy to have the children around. Make sure you continue to visit her. Take care. Be good to yourself.