Think my girlfriend is pregnant for her ex

Think my girlfriend is pregnant for her ex

Dear Pastor,

I fell in love with a girl and we started living together. However, she cheated on me several times with her ex. I kept forgiving her, and she would take God off the cross and say she would not cheat again.

In the latter part of last December, she did a pregnancy test and it showed that she was pregnant. In January, a message was sent to her phone from her ex saying they only had sex once in October and once in December, and he will give her money to abort the pregnancy. I asked her why she was still communicating with the man. She blocked the number, and then unblocked it. Because of what she was doing, I stopped living with her. But when she was six months pregnant, she called me and said she was in the hospital.

The fact that DNA is going to be mandatory, I think she is under stress. I believe her ex is the real father of the child and that is why she can’t stop communicating with him. So I told her I will not visit her, but she should let her ex visit her, and he should do everything that she requires. I also told her that after the baby is born, she should allow her ex to do the DNA test first. If he refuses to do the DNA test, I also will not do it. I suggested that she should register the child in her name if her lovely ex doesn’t want to help her. If I am the babyfather and she cannot get her ex to do the DNA test, then the child will have to get a stepfather, because that would force her to be a good mother and stop sleeping around. So, if she wants to continue communicating with her ex, I don’t want to have anything to do with her.

Do you think I have made a wrong decision? If she really wants to know who is the real father of the baby, she needs to do as I said, or just put the baby in her name. The truth is, I don’t want to have anything to do with her.


Dear Writer,

You have made it clear that you knew this young woman was a cheater and you were convinced that she cheated on you with her ex-boyfriend.

And you believe that he impregnated her. That caused the both of you to break up. You decided not to have any further communication with her after telling her that when the child is born, she should ask her ex to do a DNA test, and you will do one also. But he has to do it first.

As I see it, it does not matter who does it first. You should be prepared to do a DNA test also. I am not saying that you are to support this child if you are convinced that you are not the father, but you should not try to make a fool of this young woman. I don’t want you to believe that this girl was right to be with you and at the same time be carrying on with her ex. On the other hand, she might not have been sure about you, so she took her chances. She knows how you feel about her and the relationship she has with her ex.

I pray that this young lady will have a safe delivery and that you treat her right. Whether or not you are the biological father, if you are in a position to assist her in any form, I would suggest that you do so, because in that way, you are helping a young child. You don’t have to be intimate with the mother. But you can be helpful if she is in need. Think about that.


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