Unusual fashion turns heads at road march

Unusual fashion turns heads at road march

Beyond the stunning costumes provided by bands at Carnival in Jamaica, there were some head-turning pieces decorating the streets of the Corporate Area at Sunday’s road march.

Wayne Maxwell, who has been a reveller for six years, easily stood out as a ‘soca knight’ of sorts, adorned in a cape, armour and head piece.

“I wanted to make a statement for this one because we’ve been in lockdown for so long and mi ketch cabin fever. So I wanted to go out and battle which is why I’m a Roman gladiator today, a carnival gladiator,” Xodus-jumping Maxwell told THE STAR.

Not to be outdone was Valmore Walters, whose glistening gold, spray-painted skin made him an instant celebrity. Revellers hung around waiting for their turn to snap a photo with the unusual character whose “costume” is a marketing strategy for his Golden Pop-Ups Entertainment brand.

While Walters basked in the sun, Jihan Davy hid from it with her DIY umbrella, backpack hat which she made last night courtesy of Amazon’s online store, Party City, and some at-home arts and craft supplies.

“I think this is one of the hottest months of the year and it’s Jamaica so I didn’t want to get burned and affect my complexion,” she shared. “I decided to go with a hands-free, umbrella backpack so I could still wine my waist, but also reduce the sun exposure as much as possible.”

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