Update | Monkeypox patient back in May Pen Hospital

Update | Monkeypox patient back in May Pen Hospital

The chief executive officer of the May Pen Hospital, Eugena Clarke-James has confirmed that the monkeypox patient who fled the hospital early Saturday afternoon is back in isolation. 

“He is back and he is safe,” she said, declining to state where the man was picked up.

He was found by a team of police and hospital officials. 

Clarke-James said hospital officials are meeting to determine how to improve security to prevent a recurrence.

The Health Ministry said the man jumped through a window at the hospital some time after noon and left in a waiting motorcar. 

The patient reportedly said he wanted to “enjoy” his vacation in Jamaica. 

“He said that he is not gonna spend so much money to come here and not enjoy himself and he told them (other patients) that by 10 a.m. he was going to leave the hospital and he has already called his ride,” said a healthcare worker at the hospital who was not authorised to speak on the matter. 

“He is selfish and stay bad and he is inconsiderate,” added the official, fuming.

It’s the first case of the contagious virus detected on the island.

Health and Wellness Minister Dr Christopher Tufton advised the country on July 6.  

He said the man went to the public health system on July 5, having arrived on the island five days earlier from the United Kingdom.

Monkeypox is a viral disease that can be transmitted from person to person.

Symptoms include fever, intense headache, swelling of the lymph nodes, back pain, muscle ache, lack of energy, and/or rash.

The incubation period is between five and 21 days.

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