‘Yohan Blake is my son’ – Irene Morgan ready to cheer sprinter at World Champs after being gifted home

‘Yohan Blake is my son’ – Irene Morgan ready to cheer sprinter at World Champs after being gifted home

When the World Athletics Champion-ships begin in Eugene, Oregon, next Friday, Irene Morgan and her daughter Natalee Francis will be loud in their support of Yohan Blake, the athlete who impacted their lives in a big way.

An emotional Morgan, who broke into tears while talking about Blake, who recently had a house built for her, said she calls him “her son”.

“Mi did dung pon mi face man and if a never fi him, mi wouldn’t stand up here now a give thanks,” she shared with THE WEEKEND STAR.

As he looks to represent the country at the event, Morgan said she wants him to “move mountains” and for God to shower “nuff blessings”on him as he is the one that makes her feel good.

“Mi want a house and mi couldn’t meck it out and mi nuh have no money and mi nuh have nuh family fi gi mi and a him, a mi son. From him gi mi di house, a mi son,” were her emotional words.

Anticipating his victory at World Champs, Morgan said she hopes Blake, the newly crowned national 100m champion, will return to Corn Hill, Clarendon, to celebrate and offer even more assistance as she still needs help.

Although she doesn’t have a television set and desperately needs one, she shared that it will not prevent her from watching Blake’s races, as she will make sure she is at her daughter’s house to enjoy them.

“Mi still a go watch it,” she said, “and mi woulda waan talk to him tuh but mi nuh have him number. Mi want him fi know sey di woman whey him help from Corn Hill a watch him.”

Francis, as overcome with emotion as her mother, said she has nothing but love for the athlete, as her mother was “in a situation” and he took her out of it. Acknowledging she was not in a position to make her mother’s life easier, she said she will be forever grateful to Blake.

Confessing that during the JAAA National Senior Championships last month, she said she “galang bad” as Blake ran.

“We did a shout and sey’ go deh Yohan, go deh’, we a bawl out pon di TV and di race whey him come second (200m final), we check sey him did a go come first, but we glad him come second still.” she said.

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