Uptown Girl Loves My Loving

Uptown Girl Loves My Loving

Dear Confession,

I must say your Confession is the bomb. The first confession I read
was in November. I decide to share one of my juiciest con-fession with
you. My name is Horace and I met this beautiful girl by the name of
N at Pavilion in Half Way Tree. I was in the jewellry store to purchase
a watch and a chain when I saw this beautiful girl walk in the store
with a 38-23-36 figure. She was a real knockout. I say to myself, I
can’t make this girl pass without saying a word, so I went over to her
and said, “Good evening, my name is Horace and you are?” She
replied with a smile saying her name is N. That smile got me so fucking
fragile in my knees, so I started to complement her on her body and
telling her how beautiful she was. This girl was wearing a hipsters
with a tube top blouse.

We talked a little and she told me she lives in Jack’s Hill with her
older sister and she was 23 years old. She bought a watch, a chain and
a bracelet. I walked to her car, which was a Honda. We exchanged numbers
and she told me she would call me in the evening. When I reached home,
I ate some food, have a bath and build a spliff, and sipped a Guinness.
I never received the call until 8 p.m. We talked and finished our conversation
where we left off from in the day. We talked from one thing to the other
until we started to talk about our sexual life. I told her how romantic
I am. I like to give ladies the full attention. I even told her I like
to eat pussy and nothing turns me on more like when I’m having foreplay.
1 spends a lot of time on their ears, neck, their shoulder, their breast
and their pussy. I will go all the way down to their feet come up back
and just suck their clits. She told me that I made her wet herself.
Let me take time out to tell you a part of me. I am a guy who likes
to suck pussy. I spend a lot of time on the clitoris. I can make a woman
come repeatedly by sucking her pussy and then fuck her good.

Anyway, she went on to tell me that her boyfriend didn’t give her his
full attention and when they do sex, he don’t foreplay or suck her pussy
and she say that is her biggest fantasy. She even says he is a liar
and a cheater and he travelled regularly. She said sometimes she went
to United States with him and for the whole time for 3 months they only
had sex once, she went to England with him for one month and he didn’t
touch her. We talk for what it was worth and planned a date for the
next day, which was on a Saturday. The next morning I woke up, do what
I got to do and she called me 12 mid-day and told me she is going to
pick me up at 5 in the evening. So I finished everything and at approximate
ly 4:00 p.m I slipped into the shower and had a bath.

10 minutes past five, she picked me up at my gate in Rockfort. I welcome
her with a kiss. She was so fucking bootylicious in her skirt and blouse
with a jacket to match the skirt. I introduced he to my family and left
and went to Jam Rock Sports Bar then Asy lum. We ate, talk, drank, laughed
and danced until she dropped the bomb and said she wanted me to come
home with her. I wai so astonished to the offer. We danced a little
more to the song then we left. It was 3:00 a.m. in the morning. While
we were in the car we were all over each other. I even proceeded sucking
her nipples and down below while foreplaying. She was breath-ing so
heavy, I thought she was going to pass out. She had to step on the brake
because she nearly lost control. She told me stop and wait until she
reached home. I proceeded to feel up m dick till she drove in the driveway.

The minute we arrived in, we were all over each other. I pull her body
closer started to kiss her neck and pushed my tongue in her ears, to
which she started to moan so loud. I took her brassiere off and started
to suck the nipples and she fell on the bed and said, “I love you
Horace, I love you boy; yea, yea don’t stop!” I started to foreplay
her pussy (fat), she was already wet. Biting and sucking at her nipples
and fingered her made her come. I then moved down to her belly and licked,
then down to her navel then started to suck that fat pussy. She screamed,
saj ing, “Baby I am coming; yea, yea, don’t stop!” I continued
on he clit and she come about 3 times then she stopped me and said,
“I want not only to fuck you but to fulfill every fantasy. My dream
is to be your submissive slave.” She said, “I want you to
fuck mi like you never did to anyone, before I suck your dick.”
With a playful look in the eye I quickly agreed, stripped and started
to suck the pussy. She was moaning, saying, “Jesus, Jesus, fuck,
am coming, baby oh God, I am coming; yea, yea right there, don’t stop!”
Her pussy contract so fucking good.

Then she said, “Your turn, baby.” She sucked my dick so good
I could not take no more, so I turned her around in the backers position
and started to slap that firm round ass over and over. I said, “You
like it?” She replied, “Yes,” and moaned. I took my 9
cock and started to rub it on her pussy, saying, “Want me to fuc
you baby?” “Yes boy, yes; give me all you got!” With
that I shoved my cock deep inside her pussy. She squirm and wined on
my cock saying she is coming. After half an hour then I change position.
I made her sit on my cock while sucking her breast. 10 minutes later
I explode then changed position into the lizard lap.

We fucked for the whole night. We could not get too much of each other.
I came 3 times that night. I am 19 years old and we are together now
and I love her and she loves me too. So girls your man not sucking your
pussy or fucking you good, you not getting anything. You want good suck
and fuck take my number from the editor or give him your number to give
me your address and picture.

D.B. Kingston
If you love your girl so much, why the fuck are looking other women?

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