Wild And Crazy Night

Wild And Crazy Night

Dear Marcus,

I enjoy reading your website. I hope you keep up the good work you
are doing. I must say I’m a young lady in my twenties. I’ve been sexually
active from an early age. I live with my man. Things go well but things
don’t at times. I’ve done a lot of things in life; some good some bad.
I’ve been through a lot. I’ve done mad things, crazy things, wild things,
freaky things-what ever. This is one of my wild and crazy night that
I’ll be telling about, have this friend -rather girlfriend. We’ve been
friends for a couple of years now. She’s older than I am. I decided
to spend the weekend with her. I went the
Friday. When I arrived she was home. She help me with the bag I was
carrying since it was heavy. I was just spending three days so I didn’t
bring much stuff. The place look good. I went inside; she showed me
to my room where I would be staying and showed me around. We had lunch
and watch movies. I fell asleep.

I woke around four. She wasn’t there. She must have left when I fell
asleep. About fifteen minutes after she come back. I heard her drive
in the garage. She came back with a bag in her hand I didn’t bother
to question her. “Aren’t we going to club,” she turned and
ask me. I told her yes. She cooked dinner and we fucked around a little,
talking about first time and about the present. We make jokes about
each other. We listen music and dance. We made a lot of noise that evening.
Time was creeping up so we got ready. I didn’t know where we would be
going but it must be fun. She pulled up at a club and we went inside.
It was packed. We went to the bar. I was there thinking, what the fuck,
I’m here not with any man, I might as well start looking one. We had
two Heinekens each and went to find a spot for ourselves. Things were
just getting hype. We started to dance and make a lot of noise. Two
guys came over to introduced themselves and we were there talking. They
must have brought us another twelve Heineken before we told them we
had to leave. They took our numbers and then we left. We had a wonderful
evening and a more wonderful night but little did I know that the most
wonderful was yet to come.

We chat about the night as she was driving. We reached home around
one that night. She turned the stereo on as she reached in we started
to reflect back on the nights action and how we were going on. She and
I decided we then wanted to do something different so we turned on the
television not knowing what to watch. She turned it on the blues channel.
“What the fuck are you doing girl,” I said to her. “You
don’t see is what,” she replied, “You blind eh?” I just
laughed. She got us some juice and popcorn as we sat down to watch.
We were watching two women, when I heard her turned to me asking me
if I’ve ever done that before. I asked what, as if I didn’t know what
she was talking about. “Been with another woman,” she said.
I told her no because it never crosses my mind. She began smiling, coming
closer to me saying, “You better make me the first!” “What,”
I said. “You heard me.” I couldn’t believe I didn’t like the
idea. I’ve never done that before. She insist I give it a try and I
refused. We were there still watching and chatting till I could feel
me wanting to sleep. I must have fell asleep same place on the couch
with the blues watching me and she watching the blues. The feeling of
someone sucking my breast and putting me in heat arose me. I opened
my eyes to see her sucking my breast. I wanted to tell her to stop but
it felt good. I didn’t know what to do. I let her have her time.

She took all my clothes off. I was thinking of nothing at the moment-
free as a bird and let my mind relax to the unexpec-tation of being
in a woman’s arms. She spread my legs apart in the position she wanted
it, one fling across the sofa back and the next one on the ground. She
then get down to business. She start kissing my belly down to my navel,
gentle as a baby. She knows what I want- nothing hard, just some good
loving. She use her tongue to part my pussy with hand in her cunt. She
was sucking and fingering her pussy at the same time. She really knows
how to please me. She licked my pussy like a craven puppy! I didn’t
know what to do. I had to get up and have her. I placed her in the same
position. I started kissing her, putting my tongue in her ears then
down to her neck making sure to hold her hands. I then run down to her
breast and start sucking them, swirling it around the nipples from time
to time. I could see her enjoying it. I then make way down to her pussy.
I was going to give her a suck to remember. I began using my hands to
open her pussy. I start licking it then sucking on her clit. I use my
finger to make way in her hole while using my tongue to taste her cunt.
I finger fucked and sucked her at the same time. I could see her really
loving it. I was like a hungry dog wanting to be fed. I licked and suck
her. I could hear her begging me, “Please don’t stop, have me any
way you want me!” I licked her pussy for about thirty minutes or
so before I heard her begging me please to stop.

I stopped and asked her if everything ok. She told me she was going
to get something in her room; she’ll be coming
straight back. To my surprise she was coming to fuck me! I just looked
at her. She came and hold me by the hands,
telling me to follow her, she had something to show me. I followed her
to the bedroom and she told me I can lay on the
bed on my back. She opened my foot and starts sucking me again. I then
felt something big going in my pussy. I looked to
see her with a dildo or what ever you may call it in my pussy. “I’m
not gonna hurt you babes. Just lay down and relax,” she
said to me. I just did as she said, lay and relax. I could feel her
taking her time, trying to get it where she wanted. She
was gently putting it in and out and placed it inside her mouth and
starts sucking it.

I really liked that. She would then put it back in my pussy. Then out
again and starts sucking. I wanted so to have my turn to fuck her and
take her to heaven and back. I then sit up and starts sucking the dildo.
We were like two hungry puppies wanting the bone for ourselves.
I was sucking and it and times she would be wanting to suck it too.
Soon I had her on her back with her knees up to her chest. I then starts
to suck her pussy then gently pushing the cock in her hole. I fucked
her like a man! I fucked her real smooth, returning her pleasure of
foreplay. I would take out the dildo from time to time and have her
sucking it then I would put back in her hole and suck on her pussy then
taking it out and sucking it myself. We had a ball of fuck that night
and for two other nights. I didn’t want it to stop. We even have showers
together. Things were so fucking great with us. She migrated but we
still contacted each other. I love her so much. She gives me anything.
We spent a long time together before she migrated knowing that I’ll
never find another that rocks my world like she did.


S.W. May Pen.

For someone who never suck or fuck a woman before, you just
fall in like a pro! You must have been a fast learner at school! MG

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