• Friends

    Smutcore users can add others as a freind or follow.

  • Follow/Unfollow

    SmutCore also support following system like Twitter/Facebook.

  • Real-Time

    Real-Time Newsfeed, Chat, & Notifications and Profile Updates.


Get notifications (red notification with counter) from other users when they: Like, Share, Comment, or @mention you. Sound Notifications for New Notifications & Messages

  • Smart Publisher

    User can Publisher auto-scrape - (Music, Videos, Links)

  • Share

    Users can share any public post on Smutcore to pages/groups.

  • Privacy

    users can change thier privacy settings anytime

  • #Hahtags

    Post #hashtags in posts, comments and chat conversations

  • @mention

    SmutCore user can mention thier friends in posts and comments.

  • Photos

    upload images and have them displayed as a gallery.

  • Groups

    Stay in touch with the group members and share stories with them.

  • Pages

    User now can create pages like Facebook.

  • Smiles / Emoticons

    (smiles) in Messages, Comments and Chat.

  • Mange Blocks

    Users can block other users preventing them from chatting with each other.

  • Awesome Profile

    with Covers and Avatars for user/page/group profiles

  • Verify Badge

    Now profile and pages support verify badge

  • Unified Search Box

    Live search for #hashtags, posts, pages and groups

  • See More

    option for cut long-text post like Facebook

  • Suggestions

    Friends suggestions (for new users), Pages to like, Groups to join