Red Light Districts in Jamaica

Port Henderson road, more popularly known as ‘Back Road’ is located in Portmore, St. Catherine’s an unofficial red light district. ‘Back Road’ also in Kingston, located between the new highway and Bayside in Portmore is the place for prostitutes and a haven for lovers going on trysts, go-go clubs and at least one massage parlor.

Although Montego Bay does not have a real redlight district you can find adult clubs in Montego Bay but it is a little harder to find Montego Bay strip clubs for striptease live shows, lapdance or another kind of adult entertainment. If you like to combine your night in town with wellness you might consider visiting a massage parlour for a Thai massage or a Nana Nuat massage. Sometimes the massage parlours also offer a sauna.

If you are visiting Montego Bay for a stag party, please first contact the venue to see if you are welcome.