Mystery Box

Looking for a Discreet gift for him or her in your life?

Treat them to a SmutCore Mystery Box. This Limited Edition Mystery Box contains mysterious sensual self-indulgence items worth over 100 USD!

Best of all, neither you nor the lucky recipient even knows what’s inside so it’s a guilt-free gift! They won’t know that you don’t know what we know. Or something. It made more sense pursuit of pleasure.

Open your Mystery Box to receive a random items.

The Mystery Box is a monthly subscription to help you unlock your potential. This is not just about items but life, and the events that occur during both. Each month, we provide you with an experience to draw out your maximum potential.

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Verified authentic products

Our products are independently reviewed and verified by third-party partners, to guarantee authenticity.

Guaranteed value, always

Our integrated Value Guarantee system ensures that you always unbox a product worth more than the price of your box.

A revolution in retail

Our mystery boxes empower those who are in pursuit of pleasure without the price tag of traditional retail outlets.