Due to the high volume of submissions, the criteria to become a SmutGurl has increased. Your pictures/videos/media MUST be attractive. Try to submit theme based shoots, pictures/videos from the same photoshoot (not a must but a plus)

Submit high-quality pictures, pixelated and/or thumbnail pictures will NOT be accepted. The more professional your pictures look the better chance you have of being featured. Your hair, makeup, and wardrobe should be up to par. Poorly photoshopped pictures WILL NOT be accepted. By poor we mean pictures that look distorted because of the airbrushing, liquifying etc. We understand that Photoshop is part of the game but it should still look great.

You SHOULD give credit to your photographers/websites in your submission state the photographer(s) name and/or company. The submitter and the model, if different, Must be 18 YEARS of age and maintain a valid record of the ID of the model submitted which proves their age.


  • Female Only
  • Professional photos/videos
  • Attractive
  • Social Media pressence &/or Website

Disclaimer – Don’t post XXX pics! We don’t have that here! BUT tasteful sexually provocative pictures and nude breast and buttocks ARE acceptable, no vagina or anal shots are, however.

If submitting a video or a link you can use [email protected]. You can also use this form to submit for the cellphone cuties section By signing this request, I hereby give SmutGurls Inc permission to use my photos and information sent for showcasing via, it’s affiliates and social networks. By submitting this email, I’m stating that it is indeed me in the photographs and/or videos or I am the photographer (producer) who took the photos or videos. I also state by submitting this email that I am at least 18 years of age or older or I confirm that the model in the pictures is 18 years old.

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